Price: $700

State: Virginia
City: Bumpass
Zip code: 23024
Type: Pets

Bianca is a pure blood Red German Shepherd. She was originally bought as a show dog and we never had an opportunity to place her. We also tried to bread her 2 twice and she wouldn't allow the male to mount. She is very sweet, She know basic commands sit, stay, Heel, and Come. She love to lick and take walks. She is good with other dogs. We have cats and she chases them but does not draw blood or hurt them. She is more interested in the chase. She is very active and great with kids. She is in need of a forever home. We are a hobby breeder and we only will breed our dogs 4 times then they retire and we place them in good loving homes forever homes. If you are interested in Bianca Please give me a Call Rob Rice 703-232-